G100s Gaming Combo

IDR 539,000
Availability: Stock Available Category: Gaming Gear Brand: Logitech Tags: Mouse, gaming, prodigy, keyboard Weight: 106 Gram
Building on the powerful legacy of the G1 and G100 gaming mice, G100s features exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high-accuracy cursor control. Whether zipping across the screen or honing in on a single pixel, the 2500 DPI sensor responds accurately to your hand movements. The LED-illuminated sensor is designed to go beyond simple eye/hand coordination, diminishing the thinking required to move your character, adjust your sniper scope, select RTS units or direct MOBA skill shots.
Attribute Description
Resolution 250 dpi - 2500 dpi
Max. acceleration 20 G
Max. speed Up to 4.08 m (120 in)/second
Buttons (Left/Right) 20 million clicks
Feet 250 km (155.3 mi)

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